4 days between race.

for Zach, that means practice, practice, practice. There is competituIon each day, so they have a schedule before and after each days competition. his housing village is on a college campus about 30 minutes away. All the rowers froM competing countries are there. that fun for Zach, because some of the were is teammates at CAL.


He plans to move to the main Olympic village after his competition has finished, on August 2.

5 thoughts on “4 days between race.

  1. been following Zachs progress and have my fingers crossed for them to win. Audrey gave me his web sight. IIm her friend Alice.Good luck Mom

  2. And Zach gets to EAT after the race on August 2nd! (Don’t start with fish and chips and a stout, Zach. You’ve got a few days to build up to that before you come home!)

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