About the course.

You will notice there  are spectator on both sides.

We are seated on the left of the rowers as theory come down the course. This is in an exclusive friends and family section- for all countries. The best part is that the meDal stand and dock is pretty much right in front of us. I hope we get to use that on Wednesday. In any case, that is the best seat in the house.

Tv cameras everywhere- on verticle cranes at either end of the course . Also an ariel wire over the center of the course, cars and trucks alongside the course – Shooting still and video. so the is lots of great footage.

4 days between race.

for Zach, that means practice, practice, practice. There is competituIon each day, so they have a schedule before and after each days competition. his housing village is on a college campus about 30 minutes away. All the rowers froM competing countries are there. that fun for Zach, because some of the were is teammates at CAL.


He plans to move to the main Olympic village after his competition has finished, on August 2.

Upcoming media coverage to be on the lookout for

NBC’s Raj Mathai will interview Zach. He will interview Zach in London before the competition begins.  I am not sure when it will air in the bay area, but we’ll keep you posted.

Also, Yesterday the team did a  photoshoot for a Men’s Journal magazine feature. We’ll post the link as soon as we have it.

This Sunday, the Oakland Tribune will have a feature on the Men’s 8.