Possible schedule change….

It looks like there may be two men’s eight races tomorrow. We’ve heard from a couple of sources that there will be a B final at 10:30 local time and the grand final (medal round) at 12:30. However, this hasn’t been confirmed on NBC’s site or London 2012 yet.

So it’s possible that Zach’s race may be at 12:30GMT, 7:30EST & 4:30PST and that there will be a B final between the two teams that were eliminated earlier in the week at 10:30GMT.

1 thought on “Possible schedule change….

  1. OMG!!! The excitement builds!! Post details ASAP. We’ll be in the car, accessing via iPhone. Can’t wait! PS, Donna saw Terry on TV yesterday w/Al Roker. Now she’s famous too!

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