15 thoughts on “US Men’s Eight Wins Heat!

  1. My roommate and I got up at 3:30am to watch and cheer. That was really exciting! Hope you guys are enjoying the games!

  2. Just saw the race. Awesome!
    It was so cool to here them repeat Zach’s name on the TV. Great shot of him yelling at the team. Go USA!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations to Zack and USA rowing team on a great race!!! And congrats to Mom and Dad for raising a rock star!

  4. Totally awesome how they zoomed in on Zach right during the race. Real close up. So excited that we got to see the race. Congratulations Zach!

  5. Congrats Zach! You guys were amazing to watch. During that last 20 strokes I was thinking of you calling it out to the guys out on Briones the last week before you left. You got some great facetime on tv . Fantastic. Now Zack and TJ are just bummed you won’t be in the reps that they got tickets for ! Can’t wait for the finals. However they turn out, what an incredible experience.

  6. Congratulations Zach! We tried to see it at 2:30 PDT (as listed on the NBC website) and we didn’t see the race. We’re so glad we could see the replay. Thank you to John Spack for giving us the link. It was thrilling to watch! Can’t wait to see you in the finals. Have a wonderful Olympic experience. Cheers! Eric and Janet Jacobsen

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